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Beyond the educational activities provided as part of a wide-ranging, comprehensive curriculum, our school offers a series of programmes, clubs and courses to give our students the possibilities to express themselves and reach their full potential. Extra-curricular activities include performing and visual arts, martial arts, mixed and team sports, dance and fitness, Italian clubs, homework club and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme.

Student painting

Extra-Curricular Activities Programme

Whilst creative and performing arts are embedded into our core curricula via Visual Arts, Drama and Music, students enjoy many exciting opportunities to engage actively in these areas beyond the classroom, primarily through our Co-Curricular Programme, visits and workshops. All subjects are taught by fully-qualified, experienced teachers in specially-designed and well-resourced studios.

The additional activities we offer are exciting in their own right, which is why many of our students opt to pursue a particular subject in further depth at the High School level and beyond. We believe that the skills developed during clubs are extremely useful for cultivating creative thought, which is an essential life skill for the modern workplace, no matter what our students' chosen career path.

Children are given opportunities to be actively involved in the community. We hold several visual and performing art exhibitions on campus, ensuring that everyone in the student body is able to witness and appreciate the work of their peers. We also encourage collaboration on community projects as well, which serves as an excellent way to bring members of our school together.

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