Preschool Education at IS Siena

Our international Kindergarten in Siena, Italy, delivers a rich, challenging and stimulating education that is designed to foster enthusiasm for learning in 3 to 5-year-olds. Our Early Years School offers a caring, safe and warm environment, and every child is well supported from their moment they enter our welcoming Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Transitional Preschool classrooms.

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Why Choose Our Kindergarten in Siena?

At our Kindergarten in Siena, we support the development of fundamental skills, knowledge and understanding while meeting the unique needs of each child. Our approach to early years education is founded on the belief that all children are naturally curious and predisposed to learning as creative, imaginative, energetic and resourceful young individuals.

The Early Years programme offered aims to maximise natural inclinations by providing meaningful, authentic learning experiences to inspire youngsters to become engaged, committed and successful individuals.

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Kindergarten Options & Age Grouping System

Our Kindergarten aims to deliver comprehensive preschool education that meets the needs of 3 to 5-year-olds at every stage of their early development. We offer part-time and full-time Kindergarten options to suit the needs of families in Siena seeking a caring, nurturing and child-centred environment, as well as families who have relocated to the city from overseas who wish to give their child the best start to their educational journey. Children are grouped according to their age at enrollment. The table below details the ages of entry for each of our Kindergarten classes.

Age IB Programme Italian System
2 yrs Prekindergarten Infant School
3 yrs Kindergarten Infant School
4 yrs Transition Infant School

Kindergarten Programme

Our Kindergarten programme incorporates the IB Primary Years Programme to form a comprehensive preschool education. Young children are taught through a transdisciplinary, inquiry-based methodology inspired by the philosophy and practices outlined in the world-renowned Reggio Emilia approach. 

We support children to:

  •  Develop understanding through an array of expressive, creative, verbal and mathematical languages 
  •  Make creative natural connections between mathematics, science, digital technology and the expressive arts 
  •  Gain language fluency with full immersion in English. 

The Kindergarten programme offered aims to promote vertical thinking, encourage language proficiency, and foster the creative, lateral thinking skills necessary for success in the 21st century. A combination of imaginative, symbolic play and teacher-led activities exposes children to written English throughout the broad programme. 

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Kindergarten Environment

The Early Years School has been carefully designed to offer stimulating learning experiences in a safe, secure and enriching environment. In the classroom, teachers create meaningful opportunities for young learners to engage with the syllabus with modern resources, games, creative tools and interactive materials.

Outside, our inviting gardens stimulate curiosity about the natural world. Children are given the time and space to build awareness of their surroundings during carefully chosen outdoor lessons to facilitate inquiry-based projects. A versatile approach to the school setting encourages exploration, inquisitiveness and the development of fine and gross motor skills.

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Languages in Early Years Education

From their very first day in our international Kindergarten School, young students are fully immersed in an English language context. They receive a well-designed language curriculum led by both English native teachers and internationally-trained tutors, making our Kindergarten an ideal environment to learn English, for both Italian and overseas students.

As children progress through the early years syllabus, teachers continue to initiate language development through the gradual acquisition of English literacy skills in preparation for the Primary years.

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Kindergarten Teachers

The identity of our Early Years department is constructed around the three pillars of children, parents and teachers. We consider the child to be a bearer of rights and a collaborative protagonist of their own learning experience. Teaching staff support young children to fulfil their potential and prepare them for the rigours of an international primary education.

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