Following the additional ministerial decree published on March 9th confirming that all schools, nationally, will be closed until permitted by government decree, our ‘virtual’ schools will therefore continue to operate until this date. 

The implementation of this has been met positively as we have strived in the face of adversity to continue the education of our students; acting quickly to leverage the technology and e- learning capabilities of the Inspired group and supporting the skills required for independent learning.

A huge thank you extended to the entire school community of students, parents, guardians, teachers and non-teaching staff for your support in making this a success.

Dear Parents, Guardians and students of the International School of Siena

We are grateful for the professionalism and flexibility demonstrated by our teaching staff and look forward to working together with you to continue to support your child’s studies. Your class teachers are best point of initial contact and available online to take any specific questions.

Mr Isaac Driver for PYP
Ms Letizia Rosati for MYP
and Mr Lucio Pessia for DP
They are available for any additional information if the class teacher cannot help.

Guided online learning will be provided for students of all ages for as long as the school remains closed from 09:00-15:45, Monday to Friday. To reiterate, our priority remains to continue to support the children in their education. We will be constantly monitoring and reviewing the situation to ensure appropriate provisions are put in place to achieve this. Arrangements will of course be extended should they be required.


The primary portals for online interaction will be Seesaw and Facetime, which all Primary students already have access to. Should you have any technical difficulties in accessing Seesaw, please contact Mr Driver at

All students are expected to engage each day with all of the learning tasks set. Teachers will be available via email / Seesaw from 09.00 – 15.45 each day to answer questions / give  advice/ feedback on work.

Please refer to the document Mr Driver has already sent for each class.


(Grade 7 to 12)
The primary portals for interaction will be ManageBac which all MYP/DP students already have access to and newly introduced Microsoft Teams.

The usual school timetable for each grade will be in effect.

School closure:

Expectations for learning – IB Middle Years and Diploma Programmes
MYP – Grades 7 – 12

1. Learning will proceed according to the existing timetable in the form of online lessons, readings and tasks posted on ManageBac.

2. Each teacher will set up work for their class on ManageBac up to 5 minutes before the beginning of each timetabled lesson for that class.

3. Students will be expected to provide some feedback on work done in that lesson, so  that teachers can monitor learning. All student work should be submitted on ManageBac by the deadline.

4. Each teacher will have an online conference call with each of their classes during the course of the week and during their regular lesson time.

  • This will be done through the conference call system called “Microsoft Teams”
  • Most lessons will begin with a live introduction, students should log into the relevant ‘class team’ at the usual lesson time, unless instructed otherwise by the teacher.

5. During the suspension of classes this week, teachers will be available for students to contact them with requests and queries for feedback from 8:50/9.00 to 15:45, Tuesday to Friday via email and Managebac.

6. If students fail to complete online engagements for sessions where they are present, teachers will as usual record this as ‘N/A’ (which will regrettably be counted as a ‘zero’ again as is our usual practice).

7. At present internal Diploma deadlines remain unchanged, and teachers will offer online support to Diploma students completing their Internal Assessment and any other form of coursework.

It is recommended that students be in a quiet space at home with their devices connected to the correct platforms from 09:00-15:45 (albeit taking the usual breaks of course).

Thank you for all your support.