Students have been positive about the implementation of how they are learning and are developing new skills. The need for interaction is very apparent and our teachers have been ensuring students check-in regularly to monitor how they are doing both academically and monitoring student well-being. Teachers design learning activities and encourage discussions that capture students’ experiences, this keeps students engaged and gives teachers valuable feedback on how the students are feeling. It also provides opportunities for multiple perspectives in learning that could otherwise be influenced when students are all physically together. The opportunities to develop as individuals without the feeling of isolation is essential and this is very much guided by the extensive support of our teachers. Teachers are still assessing students and delivering formative and summative assessments. 

Please find below a brief article from our School Counsellor, Dr.ssa Fungi:

wellbeing under quarantine




At IS Siena, the Virtual School programme will mirror the actual school day as closely as possible, including school timings






“Whilst we have all had to adapt to such strange and worrying times the online teaching has given my teenagers routine and stability.  They respect the school timetable and rules of being ‘present’ for online school and have worked well on their own as well as with regular video calls for their lessons.  I am very happy we have been able to maintain and keep on track with their course work and am delighted ISS have done such a great job in making things feel as ‘normal’ as possible during this Covid-19 crisis

“Our experience with distance learning/virtual school to this day, has been extremely positive and has brought up interesting points of reflection. Aside from this particular emergency, to a certain extent, it should always be part of our children’s educational experience. Distance learning, as ISS teachers and staff have introduced so far, stimulates responsibility, self-management, flexibility, problem solving, a more open minded and creative approach to learning and it helps define both student and family role in the process of knowledge acquisition. Furthermore, it has revealed itself a precious tool to better understand the IB methodology and share and appreciate our children’s learning experience.





“I think that the positive aspect of homeschooling, is that there is less stress on the work that we are doing, it also makes students work more because they are in a familiar environment which might make them more concentrated ”
G9 student

“Being away from your friends and teachers is never easy, but with the high end online teaching we are receiving and the excellent platforms we are using this quarantine is a little less lonely and very instructive. ”
DP Student