Leadership Team



Lianne Knibb
School Principal                               


"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. ISS is a fully accredited IB School that strives for excellence in a climate that is caring and responsive to individual needs and goals.  At ISS we ensure all children are active participants in their own learning. The child centered learning approach addresses distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations, and cultural backgrounds of individual students and groups of students. Thus, we endeavour to support and nurture our students to success whilst they thrive and enjoy their explorations. Our global vision is coordinated by an outstanding team of educational leaders and implemented by our highly skilled and dedicated professional staff."

Isaac Driver
PYP Coordinator                                               

"In our primary school we value the voice and ideas of our students as an essential element of our inquiry-based learning culture. We believe in collaboration between students and teachers and empowering students to take greater choice and ownership over their learning. We help students frame their knowledge and understandings conceptually and we develop specific research, social and thinking skills critical to inquiry and problem solving. Our environments promote positive attributes and attitudes required for life-long learning."






Letizia Rosati
MYP Coordinator

"The IB’s Middle Years Programme engages students in meaningful learning experiences that they can relate to the world around them. Through the programmes interdisciplinary approach, our students are able to make greater and more sophisticated connections between different subject areas and areas of knowledge. The programme also develops students as lifelong learners through the planned approached to teaching and development of learning skills."

Lucio Pessia                               
DP  Coordinator

"Following the completion of the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP), our students follow the IB Diploma Programme (DP). The DP is a highly academic and challenging course that provides students with excellent preparation for university study anywhere in the world.
Our students benefit from small class sizes and highly talented teachers, allowing for teachers to have an excellent knowledge of our students so that learning is tailored to meet the needs of our students.
In addition to the academic rigour of the programme, there is also a planned approach to the teaching and development of learning skills, such as critical thinking skills and communication skills that enable students to become successful independent life-long learners.
The programme also develops the students holistically through the core of the programme. Through our Theory of Knowledge (TOK) programme students develop the knowledge and skills to question and explore how we acquire knowledge, asking the question ‘how do we know what we know?’ The core also provides our students with the opportunity to engage in creativity, activity and service (CAS), allowing them to act on their learning, taking it beyond the walls of the school, embracing new challenges and developing new skills."